Arts, Crafts and Competitions

Fancy yourself an artist or want to get your hands busy? We will have an arts and craft section set up for people to enter a free draw competition or try your hand at making some pop culture inspired paper crafts.
You will also find the Quick Draw competition here.

For the artists, check out the GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga Art Competition:

For the writer, checkout the GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga Short Story Competition:

Quick Draw Comp

GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga presents the Iron Artist of art competitions! Artists will be given just 5 minutes to give us their best art piece starting from scratch using only what is provided in the GAMMA.CON Art and Craft Area. Entries will then be displayed on our art board for judging over the weekend.


  • All participants must register their attempt at Quick Draw with a GAMMA.CON volunteer before they start to have their entry recorded.
  • Participants will have 5 minutes to produce their entry.
  • Participants can only use the art supplies provided in the art area.
  • When their 5 minutes have expired participants must stop and present their work.
  • Participants must ensure they have their contact details on the back of their entry.

As entries may not be able to be returned to you please ensure you take a photo of your work before or after it is presented to GAMMA.CON.

*Violence, gore, nudity and erotica are strictly prohibited. Racist, sexist, religious, derogatory or other inappropriate content that is deemed to be inflammatory of poor taste will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these standards will result in your entry being disqualified.

GAMMA.CON reserves the right to display all submitted entries for promotional purposes. By entering this competition you are agreeing to adhere to the conditions of entry outlined above.

The winner of the competition will win a pop culture prize pack.