Looking For Gamers Board Zone

Board games are recapturing their popularity and we will have a library of board games on show from our friends at Looking For Gamers (http://looking-for-gam.neto.com.au/) for people to come in and have a few rounds with friend. Game Masters from LFG will be on hand to help you along and discover there is more to board games than Monopoly and Mouse Trap. If you love a game you tried LFG will have a retail store on hand to purchase your new favorite or you can check out their online store.

Our friends at Gaming Knights Infinity (https://www.facebook.com/GamingKnightsInfinity) will be holding a massive Magic: The Gathering Tournaments to celebrate the launch of the new Masters 25 set!
The event will cost $50 to enter but will be a Draft comp with Master 25 which means you will come away with your very own Master 25 deck! Finalists of each pod will receive some great prizes including Master 25 boosters to compile a new deck to battle it out for the title of Magic Champion of Riverina!

Registrations begin at 10am with an 11am start, Gaming Knights Infinity will be on hand with retail space to supply all your table top gaming needs!