Stage and Panels

All day we will have a range of live acts and panelists from various disciplines presenting informative presentations or hands on tutorials on a wide range of subjects. If you want to learn and further your personal development this is the place for you!

10:30 – Opening Ceremony
Allow us to welcome all our attendees to the first ever GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga, learn more about us and what you can enjoy during the day and night of GAMMA.CON and experience our officially opening with our esteemed guest Wagga Wagga City Councillor Daniel Hayes.





11:00 – Game Journalism 101 with Hayley Elise
Ever wanted to professionally write about your nerdy passions? Professional journalist Hayley Elise takes us through pathways into the industry, important skills to have, getting yourself noticed, building a following, experience you need and her own story getting into the industry.





12:00 – Curling up with a Good Book with Sophie Carlon
What makes a good book? A discussion of the varying influences on what is deemed ‘good’ literature. Does it involve winning the prestigious Man Booker Prize, a word-of-mouth buzz surrounding its controversy and daring, or does it all come down to commercial success? Or, maybe, you just enjoyed it.
Sophie Carlon is a writer and YouTuber, making videos on reading, writing and general geekery. When not typing furiously she sells stationery, takes acrobatics classes and cares for her pet snake and fish.





1:00 – How To Get Started in Cosplay with Hayley Elise
With almost 40,000 likes and shoots with all Australia’s best photographers, Hayley Elise gives us her insight into picking a cosplay, tools and materials you need, important skills for beginners, attending conventions in costume, how to get into the community and the other joys of cosplay.





2:00 – Making your First Game with Nicole Lawson and Craig Brown
Find out what it is like to develop an indie game. Nic and Craig will share their experiences and give you tips to get started in game development.





3:00 – Youtube IRL – Youtube Channel and Content Creation
Join homegrown Youtube Content Creators Sophie Carlon, Top Shelf, and Pathetic Industries and discuss with them everything you want to know about Youtube content creation! Everything from getting started to monetising your content to working with others in the community!




4:00 – The Hero Studio Cosplay Competition
Come watch as we present the best cosplayers from the Riverina region! They will get up on stage and talk about the character they love enough to dress up as, what they went through to make their costume and maybe even perform a skit by their characters. Winners will recieve some awesome prizes from The Hero Studio cosplay suppliers and it will provide the best photo opportunities of the day!

5:00 – Closing Ceremony
Parting is such sweet sorrow! We say goodbye to our first Wagga event, announce winners for all the competitions we ran during the festival and give you details on the future of GAMMA.CON Wagga!

GAMMA @Night




7:00 – GAMMA.TV Live!
Dan, Charlotte and Mowen from the GAMMA.CON weekly Youtube series GAMMA.TV take to the stage to look at the underside of comics and anime. What sort of weird and wonderful items will they find to review for this live show? Turn up to find out!







8:30  – Burlesque Wagga Nerdlesque
The lovely ladies from Burlesque Wagga take the stage for a red hot nerd inspired burlesque show! The girl don comic, super hero and video game inspired costumes and will make your heart race as they show of their skills in this popular art form that will make you walk away breathless!